01 December 2010

Long overdue...

Well, as you can tell we haven't done too well keeping up with the blog.
With Lauren pregnant, working full-time, and in school and Micah being a full time student, working part-time, being on student council, and drilling with the Army - well we've barely had time for dinner many nights, let alone blogging.

We're nearing the end of school, so the next week and a half will be pretty stressful with finals and projects. Lauren is also getting bigger and it is harder and harder for her at work bending over, picking up kids, playing on the floor, and she comes home pretty wiped out. Micah can't seem to say "no" so he has added missions committee member and graduate school advocate to his list of activities.

So, PRAYER would be awesome. We are super excited for the holidays - we are spending a week at the beginning of January in MN. This will be a great time of R&R before school starts up again and baby enters the world.

Some highlights since our last posting...
We went home for a few days in October to visit family. We watched part of Jake's ranger challenge events and ceremony. We caught up with grandparents and friends. We enjoyed some good times with our parents too.

We've gotten involved with a small group at church - we love our church family and enjoy the community there!

God orchestrated everything amazingly with the church apartment. We got a great rate for rent and love having our very own actual, real bedroom! We just moved in two weeks ago with the help of our small group and Lauren's parents. Our small group helped us pack and clean our old apartment. Lauren's parents did lots of unpacking and some nitty gritty cleaning (thanks for serving us so lovingly and humbly! we love you!)

After a few hospital tours, we decided on the hospital to have the baby. It's only a few miles away too! The baby is healthy and growing fast (as Lauren bemoans her growing belly). Just two more months til its predicted birthday!

BIG NEWS! We paid off our car today! God blessed us with a little extra cash that we were able to use to pay off the car a few months early. Feels so great to be free of the burden of debt!

Hopefully as life calms down a little for the next few months, we'll have lots of blog updates to share!