30 June 2010


Alright - I know it's "country" but it's a favorite among the Soldiers!

0515 – Urine analysis for the WHOLE CLASS! – LONG DAY of waiting around!
0900 – Class – Spiritual Leadership – CH (COL) Dugal
-Calling (service); Character (self-regulation); Competence (skills)
“To be a spiritual leader, you must be spiritual first”
Calling (vocation) first to our faith, then military
Character is: what is continually built/developing
“we are dealing with people who are fragile and vulnerable. Our character is what keeps us professional and helps them.”
Competence: what are your own personal strengths? How do we keep growing?
1300 – POV inspection (I was first in line)!
1400 – 30 day accrual class

Overall - another long, "hurry up and wait" day. But - these things need to get done!

29 June 2010


0600 – Circuit Training PT – good workout! Definitely felt that one!
0815 – marched to class
0830 – our quality insurance director retired this week so he gave an outgoing speech supporting the Chaplains
- CH (LTC) Lynde met with and prayed with me
0900 – SGL time: non-combatant status of Chaplains – watched video clip about the topic
1000 – CPT Bell (part of JAG) – (PPT): Joint Ethics Regulation class
(I was his time-keeper today)
“Ethics Training” (JER)
- majority of ethical problems come with military vehicles (didn't know that)!
*read the latest Army Times – COL’s wife affecting OERs of other soldiers
1100 – Field Services
1200 – lunch – Nutrition class with MAJ Bras (best class so far, and it was OPTIONAL!)
The big 5: Vitamin C, D, Iron, Calcium, Zinc (see ppt and handout)
1300 – JAG – Origins of the Law of War
1400 – “Military Justice, A Soldier’s Briefing” (PPT)
Basically - JAG spoke all day! It was a long day, but very informational!

28 June 2010


PT – RUNNING! I was put in the "Alpha group" – ran in formation! Tough!
0815 – marched to class
0830 – Spiritual Fitness Training (CH Gregory)
Know AR 165-01; AR 600-20 (Army Command Policy)
3 levels of spiritual fitness – know them!
SACRED Comm = Kim
Lunch – sat in car with A/C running and ate an apple, beef jerky, listened to music (used the cooler I got from my parents!)
1300 – 7 Steps Analytical Thinking – CH (LTC) Diefendorf (very good speaker)
Identify the problem: role-play exercise
**FM 5-0, starting at 2-23**- this one is important to know! Put it on your desktop!
1. ID the problem – the cause
2. Gather information – define terms; separate into faces and assumptions; “the greater the assumption, the greater the risk”; evaluate opinions carefully
3. Develop criteria – a standard rule, test that can be judged
4. Generate possible solutions – sketch/write them out; think out-loud
5. Analyze possible solutions – apply criteria and benchmarks to possible solutions
6. Compare possible solutions – what solution fits best? Decision matrix
7. Make and implement the decision – the preferred solution – communicate the solution clearly

Army writing style programmed text (CH Soussan) – see ppt
Prov 25:11; Ecc 6:11 – use short sentences and words; average sentence = 15 words (12-20); cut 30% of draft
*we got out early today!! Worked out (running)

Goings on in Chicago

While Micah has been away I've been so blessed to have lots of lovely visitors keeping me company.
Ariel and her friend Katie came to visit, then my good friend Natalie came the weekend after that, and then my mom and her friend Kim were here this past weekend. Love you guys!
My job has made the weekdays fly by and guests have made the weekends a blur.
While the company has been great, I definitely miss Micah. HOWEVER, the mom of one of my babies works for United and has offered me one of her companion passes to visit Micah over the July 4th weekend. Looks like I'll get to fly out this Thursday evening (I have Friday off work due to a scheduling error - yea!) and return Monday morning. It is standby, but the flights don't look full so it's looking good.
On another note, our poor Saturn has been out of commission as of late - first it lost its serpentine/alternator belt and then someone decided to smash in the front passenger window. The window breaker/thief left the radio, pile of gift cards, never even opened the glove box, but did steal our GPS. Good thing I've had almost a year of navigating Chicago, so I know my way around pretty well.
Micah has some exciting stuff planned this weekend, so I'm sure we'll have a fun blog update soon!
M&L - M = L

27 June 2010


Ate breakfast; Went to Bible study on post – (interesting connection); Took nap; formation cancelled!; did more homework! Finished and proofread paper! I think I ate at Whichwich today (or maybe that was yesterday)...either way - GOOD sandwiches!

26 June 2010


Nothing for school today!
Slept in; ate breakfast; did homework; shaped beret (picture)

25 June 2010


Had GOOD breakfast this morning - because we were able to "sleep in" until 7:30am! This is when our hotel starts the "real" breakfast buffet! GOOD STUFF!
Although - ended up being a couple minutes late to school because of traffic into Fort Jackson (graduations are on Fridays apparently). This earned about 30 of us a 1-page paper on why it is unethical to be late to class :)
CH Cannon talked from 0830-1030 - on aspects of worship. Anyone heard of the book "Mystery Hotel" ?! Sounds like something Lauren would like reading!
Some notes:
Worship is a verb-active participation; with corporate worship – be aware of your surrounding-where you are standing, etc.; understanding terminology and that not everyone knows the terms/songs/etc. you do.
- Work with the S3 to work in a good time for worship – don’t just take what’s left!
- Be aware of calendar year

We had our first SACRED comm (sermon) today as well - thanks Mayo! I'm a little nervous for my first SACRED comm in a couple weeks - but it will be good to get some useful tips on how to do a good sermon!

During lunch I got a shorter haircut (see pic)!
1300 - CH Wake: son of 30 year Chaplain – writing the doctrine for the Chaplaincy currently - talked about FM 6-22 = Army leadership; FM 105 – Army manual
0. Develop our own leadership philosophy
1. Ask and it will be given to you – ask questions, attend meetings, visit soldiers
a. There is no such thing as TMI
b. Always verify the “spot report”
2. Know the standards and stick to them
3. 4 “I”s: Intentionality, Integration, Informative?, Innovation
“Everything is an assessment”; “embrace the vagueness”; “feed the wookie”
Had a quiz on the FM-1
Went home - tired, but excited for the weekend!

24 June 2010


Click HERE to see other pictures from the day as well!
From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1

From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1

Another long day! Hotter than the day before!
In the morning we went to a range (CHIP) where we practiced crawling through sand and under barbed wire, running for cover with a "CH Assistant" behind vehicles and walls, and SWEATING under our IBAs and ACHs (body armor)! We had a few heat casualties and eventually had to go back to school to avoid the sun. We had our WTT testing back at the classroom - but since I finished most of my training, I volunteered to be the "casualty" so others could demonstrate how to "manage an airway" if someone was injured in battle and couldn't breathe.
Later that night, we went back down range, hooked up with a basic training group (i.e. a bunch of privates), and participated in night infiltration - crawling through the mud and sand and barbed wire under live rounds and tracers! It was QUITE the experience!
I got home SUPER wiped out - but VERY excited to see that my family had sent a care package! It made my week! Thank you guys SO MUCH! I also got a pen from Uncle Norm which is simply incredible! See the pics!
M&L - L = M

Thank you Mom and Dad!!! and Sue and Norm!! I LOVE the pen!
From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1

From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1

23 June 2010


From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1
From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1

Whew! What a day today was!
Woke up early (what's new?!) and went to formation. We piled onto buses which took us to a land navigation site on Fort Jackson (St. Lowes?). We had a tasty breakfast at the field which was awesome! We spent the entire morning splitting up into teams and conducting land navigation. This is where squads use a compass and map to plot points and find markers that are hidden in the woods. The key is to plot the points as accurately as possible, then walking precisely where the compass directs. A few inches in the wrong direction could eventually take the team hundreds of yards away from the markers. This is close to what happened with our first marker. We missed the first one by about 100 yards or so. The next two were pretty good though! So we definitely figured it out pretty quick!
We had MREs for lunch (Meals Ready to Eat). A lot of people complain about these - but so far I don't have any real problems with them. It's fun to open the bag and see what kind of "snacks" and dessert are in there! I had some sort of egg omelet which wasn't too bad. The granola cereal included was amazing though!

Most of the afternoon was comprised of WTT training and testing - (that is "Warrior Task Training"). Several stations were setup in the field which would test us on various information that we had learned over the past few weeks. Today was the "training" day, so we could visit the stations, learn about what we would be tested on, then "test" the following day. However, because we had enough time (and because I had studied a lot already), I was able to "test" on almost every station today! Some of these tests included: reading a topographical map, identifying features on a map, using a compass, using a gas mask, setting up and using an Army radio, using the phonetic alphabet, first aid, managing an airway, etc. I rather enjoyed these tests!

After all was said and done, we had another hot dinner, then waited until the sun was down before beginning our land navigation. This was the same thing as day land nav, except no light (go figure)! It was pretty fun walking through the woods, looking for our markers, and counting our paces along the way! We managed to hit all of our points almost dead-on!
After getting back to the site, we had to wait for the last couple of groups (who got lost) to find their way back before we could go home! I didn't actually get to the hotel until after midnight!
I had to be up really early the next day as was crazy!
From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1
From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1

22 June 2010


CARE PACKAGES (some of the stuff because I ate some of it already and gave some away)!
From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1

Had PT today - kinda tough - mostly because I was sore from a long workout last Saturday.
Class all day involved learning how to read a topographical map, and using a compass for land navigation. It was fun!
Did laundry when I got home, ate dinner (Mexican!), homework, skyped family, and blogging.

The next couple of days will be LONG. I might not get a chance to blog for a few days. I won't be home until midnight for a couple of nights in a row. Please pray for strength, wisdom, a clear head, and that I pass my testing with ease. Also pray for safety for everyone, and for a good time as we work together in the field.

21 June 2010


From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1
From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1

Well - there was no PT this morning....BUT - I got up WAY early (around 0400) because our class had to march to Victory Tower - which is a high-ropes course and repelling tower! We were basically getting paid to climb a grown-up jungle gym! This part of the day was fantastic! I learned how to make a Swiss Seat, practiced repelling on a mini tower, then proceeded to climb up Victory Tower - where I was able to repel several stories to the ground! It was great!
After the repelling section, I got the chance to cross three high-rope bridges - each with a unique way of crossing. The middle bridge involved a single rope, where I was to hook on foot over and pull my way across while on my stomach. A lot of guys fell on this one - but praise God - I was able to hold on and maintain my balance through the whole thing!
Check out the video and picture of a buddy of mine who repelled off the tower!

After the entire course was over, our class marched back to the classroom where we took a quick lunch break, then split up to rotate through two classes. The first class was on Convoy Operations, which was a valuable class for all of us. We learned that we are very important - even as non-combatants - so we need to be vigilant and to not grow complacent!
The second class was an interesting on on the ethics of and Army Chaplain. We learned more about the SACRED values (Spirituality, Accountability, Compassion, Religious Leadership, Excellence, and Diversity), and how these disciplines can make us better leaders and ministers in the Army. We learned how to avoid the SPAM of pitfalls as well (Sex, Power, Alcohol, and Money) - as these things have a tendency to tear apart even the strongest of Christians if not held in check.
Finally, to end our classroom day, Sandiford gave the first SACRED Comm. sermon for our platoon. Well done brother!
I had PT after class, then came back to the hotel for dinner, and a couple of surprise care packages from my in-laws and my wife (one with many practical items, and one with a lot of fun things)! :) Thank you guys so much! It was a good day! I'm about half way through CIMT now! After CIMT I will still have two weeks of Phase 1 as well - so I'm here for about a month still! No complaints (except I miss my family and friends)! Shout-out to DRM!

Couple of funny videos

A reminder to us at CHBOLC to turn off our cell phones (thanks to CH Hart for showing this one and the following one):

A reminder to NOT GIVE UP!

20 June 2010


I was able to sleep quite a bit last night – so I woke up mostly refreshed and ready to start the day. Today is Sunday and I have two more services I need to visit in order to complete the homework assignment of visiting multiple on-post chapel services. I decided that I would visit the Muslim class at 0800 and then the Jewish service at 0930.
I met Josh and Cecil in the lobby, and after having a quick breakfast, we carpooled to base. The Muslim class was basically a time where the Imam (the leader) played two videos for us that defended the Muslim religion in America (compared to 9/11) and emphasized the mission of Islam being “peace.” Yeah…
The Jewish service had a lot more substance however-and the chapel was full! The Rabbi (Silverstein) was hilarious! He had some great jokes about Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, you name it! “We are going to have wine and cookies now. Does anyone know why we are having wine? To make us happy!” Oh – by the way – the cookies were Oreos!
After service, Josh, Cecil and I went to a sweet sandwich joint near our hotel! I think it’s a chain – but the sandwiches were fantastic! I’m definitely going back! I think the place was called WhichWich?
Back at the hotel I called my father to wish him a happy Father’s Day before passing out for a much needed nap. I woke up in time to change into PTs and leave back to post for an informal formation. We checked our ACHs (helmets) to make sure they fit us well, sang a few “Gospel” hymns together, and then came back to the hotel again! I think these formations are mostly for accountability – to ensure that everyone stayed around the general vicinity and didn’t wander off too far over the weekend. I called my father-in-law once I got back to the hotel and was able to catch up with him as well! It’ll be nice to see my family later in July!
Well – that’s basically the day. Tomorrow we will start EARLY in the morning – marching to Victory Tower where we will do some repelling and such. Land navigation and some all-day field testing is also coming up this week.
Thanks so much for your continued prayers, notes, cards, and love!

19 June 2010


We had our big D&C (Drill and Ceremony) competition today between the six platoons. This involved marching to orders and executing these orders with precision and as a group. OUR PLATOON WON! It was a wonderful morning! The rest of the day was spent napping and working out at the gym with Josh and Bruce! I'm going to be sore in the morning!
After working out, we went back to the hotel - where Josh grilled up a few large slabs of steak, a bunch of chicken breasts, and cooked up some sweet potatoes and baked beans for dinner. Our priest Chaplain Candidate, ("Father") Higdon came over as well, and the three of us had an awesome dinner together!

18 June 2010


From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1

0600 - Road March for PT in our boots…I rather enjoyed it!
0830 – More first aid: Initiating a Field Medical Card (SSG Ott) – see PPT
Request Medical Evacuation (SSG Lequire – Lesson 8)
Transporting a casualty using SKED (SSG Ott)
- We learned one-man and two-man carries
- **we need to have CLS class eventually** This will give us excellent tools
CH Cannon spoke on SACRED Comm (preaching)
CH Milton gave example of SACRED

Post-modernism = “follow your heart” – since our hearts are fallen – this is a treacherous thing!
*Say what the Text says – don’t devalue what it says!*
What is the purpose, writer? Over-arching truth?
Application, outline, intro, body, conclusion
SACRED: create manuscript and turn in 48 hours before given
ACH and IBA required for Field Service

17 June 2010


0600 – PT
0830 – First Aid class (all day)
TCCC = Tactical Combat Casualty Care (3 phases)
LOC = level of consciousness
• AVPU (Alert, Verbal, Pain, Unresponsive)
Learned methods of opening the airway (head-tilt, jaw-thrust, NPA)
Lesson 2 – Evaluate the Casualty (SSG Soto)
- Scan for danger; decide what care is needed
- HABC (hemorrhage, airway, breathing, circulation)
3 Major types of preventable deaths: blockage of nose/throat; collapsed lung; severe bleeding
Lesson 5: Control Bleeding (See PPT) – SSG Lequire
3 types of bleeding: arterial, venous, capillary
Israeli Bandage = Emergency Trauma Bandage
Exit wounds should be treated first!

16 June 2010


Every Wed: the CH room will become a sanctuary of prayer (CH COL Dugal)
0545 – did running for PT at Darby Field (some sprints and such)
0830 – CBRN class – how to get a good seal with our gas mask – see PPT
**know what JSLIST stands for** (Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology)
**know CBRN Mopp levels**
**know indicators of C/B attack**
M291 = skin; M295 = equipment
1100 – went into the gas chamber. Our group was the very first group inside. We had to remove the seal, shout our name, social, and rank, then reseal our mask. After this, a group of us removed our mask fully, shouted our name, class and Chaplain motto, then were released from the chamber! It was quite the experience!
1400 – Army Nutrition Class (see PPT)
1430 – Preventative Medicine class (PPT) – Heat Injury Briefing
**pray about active duty** - MAJ Sherbert – 20 years of service
Average temperature is 95 degrees here!

Chaplain Physioc came to speak for a few minutes (really neat guy)
• “engage, engage, engage”
• “you can always do ministry in any level”
• He did what he loved regardless of rank
• He has “hospitality house” for students like us to come over and visit!

15 June 2010


0545 – PT at Darby field
0815 – Marched to class from Dozier
0830 – Basic Voice Communication (tactical radio class)
• See FM 24-19 and PPT
• We learned how to pronounce numbers and spell using military alphabet
• Learned prowords (procedure words) - **learn these**
“correction means ‘my bad’” (SGT Soto)!
Lima Charlie = loud and clear
1300 – CH Lynde (LTC) spoke – is AGR Chaplain; also CH Santios (LTC) spoke
• See PPT
• There are 7 duties a Chaplain can have: AGR, TPU, IRR, IMA, MDAY, MIL-TECH
• We should check our points yearly
Lessons learned from RC Ministry:
- Half sheet “word of the day” for your unit. This is good for those who don’t go to chapel too
- Facebook page for unit/electronic media
- Communicate with supervisory Chaplain often
- We can hold services as CCs
1430 – Sexual Harassment/EO class: - see PPT
Worked out after class

14 June 2010


Early morning we had a Team Development Course (TDC) – a lot of fun! Six different stations with six obstacles that required working through as a team. Companies pay big money for their employees to do stuff like this – but we get paid to do the same stuff!
We had a class with CH Hart on the professional ethics of an Army Officer. A 3 page paper is due in a few days regarding this topic.
What makes us different compared to our civilian counterpart? There is indeed a distinct difference – we made certain commitments when we gave our oath.
ROE (Rules of Engagement): do not sound off when asking CH Hart questions; don’t stand up; participate; stay awake – stay alive! Think critically! We does it mean to be a leader in the Army?
Army values: how do we translate this into action? Set the example!
We learned about COL Chamberlain – not regarded as “part of the group” but had a vision – was able to express it to his group – and was with his men, leading.

We had a sweet tour of the Chaplain Library and Museum. There is some amazing history that I was unaware of regarding the Chaplain Corp – and the museum collections were really amazing!
We also had a PMCS – Preventative Maintenance Checklist and Security (for vehicles). We as Chaplains should get dirty and grimy in the motor pool. This will purchase credibility with our soldiers and CH assistant. We need to take care of our soldiers! The mechanics will also see this and take care of us as well. We learned to make sure to follow the manual, give good visual check of the vehicle, body, windows, tires, lights, underbody, drips, pioneer kit; pop hood, inspect! It’s better to have less oil than too much!
- Worked out after school at the hotel. From here-on – will be working out at Coleman gym after class.

13 June 2010

CH-BOLC Mailing Address! (i.e. "send me mail"!)

If you are led to send me any mail (e.g. care packages, letters, etc.), the best address to send these to would be to my hotel off-base. Yes, yes, you CAN send them to me at Ft. Jackson - but they make you do so much work to get a simple letter these days! I just don't want to bother the cadres with carrying in the extra mail if they don't have to ;) It is also a more complicated process with getting mail on base anyway.
My address off-base is:
Staybridge Hotel
Attn: Micah McLellan (room 206)
1913 Huger Street
Columbia, SC 29201


CH-BOLC Day 8 (Church x3)!

We are required to attend five church services of different faith backgrounds on the Ft. Jackson post - while filling out a 5-page review for each one!
After spending some time looking at the schedules the night before, we were able to plan to attend three services on Sunday!
So today we went to the Anderson Street Church at 0800 for the Anglican Service, then the Mormon (LDS) service at 0930, then the Church of Christ service at 1130! Let me tell you - WOW! Each service was SO different from each other (as they should be I suppose)!
Although the Anglican service was VERY liturgical, I enjoyed the depth that the liturgy beheld within the words. The LDS service was a bit interesting as I have never been to one of their services before. Different untrained laymen/members of the church gave the "messages" of the day. No Scripture was quoted (even from the Book of Mormon) but we were told by the LDS that this was typical. Following the service there was a 20 minute "study" that went into the history of LDS - (aka Joseph Smith's life). Overall - this was a very "feel-good" service. I have 5 pages of notes - but those won't be put on here because of time, length, and depth. Talk to me in person if you want to know more about what I thought!
The Church of Christ service was "non-instrumental" which means we sang a capella! I sort of enjoyed the change but not sure if I could handle that every week. They sure packed a LOT in the 1 hour service. Music, lesson, alter call, baptisms, offering, announcements, wow! The Church of Christ sure had the place packed out as well! They needed to bring in chairs to add to the ends of the pews! My reports for all three services are all so very different! It's interesting!
After church I had lunch with my friend Edwards - at a place called Lizards.
At 1600, we all met back on base in PT uniforms for formation and an intro to PT. Because the weather was over 100 degrees, we didn't do much except formation and the agenda for tomorrow! It looks like the next several days will be around 100 degrees as well! Please continue to keep me in your prayers!

11 June 2010


Today was certainly not void of any action or excitement!
0515 was the PT diagnostic. It was disappointing though that the NCO of my "line" did not count aloud my pushups or sit-ups - so it was a mental challenge for me since I didn't know how my form was or if I was doing anything right (or how many I was doing)! On a plus-note I know I got a 6:30 mile - which isn't bad for not running in a while (and in this dreadful heat)!
0815-1045 we had D&C (Drill and Ceremony) with real Drill Sergeants. Instead of push-ups on the hot cement, we were introduced to a new way of learning our mistakes - through the painful process of extending our arms out like Jesus on the cross - and clapping above our hands with them extended - about 30 times. Then LEAVING them extended, and then cherry picking with our fingers! Boy did that hurt!
Our platoon gave a marching demonstration for others to watch. Around 1100 we were free to go so I went back and took a nap!
Our instructor told us of a baseball game in the evening that we were invited to - with free food and a free ticket! So some of us decided to go get some food and enjoy some of the game. Well - we got there - saw that it was PACKED with basic training soldiers - but we got a free ticket and proceeded inside! Well - we found out that because we weren't in uniform we couldn't get any free food. That was disappointing for our group so we left early. But we found out that our car was blocked in by dozens of ARMY BUSES! We had no way of exiting the way we came in! Thank-goodness that someone was able to direct us across the lot to a gate that they unlocked so we could get out and get home! We went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries for dinner and spent a few hours there just talking about our lives and hanging out. It was a good evening overall!

- Baseball game tonight with “free food” but we didn’t get any because we weren’t in uniform (though we got a free ticket). So we didn’t stay – but we got boxed in for a while!


Friday has COME! But that doesn't mean it's the "weekend" just because it's Friday! Our schedule looks full for the weekend as well!
Early this morning at 0515 My platoon was issued our TA-50. This consists of wet gear (poncho, pants, jacket, waterproof duffel), a gas mask, sleeping system, assault pack, IBA (Interceptor Body Armor - HEAVY stuff). This all took a while since we had to drive to a couple different places to get all of our gear!
After this, I went to get my TB test read - I'm all in the clear! Hooah!
0700: went back to hotel to shower, eat breakfast (waffles!) and cleaned up
0815: D&C with NCOs. First time for me marching. The weather was hot, but bearable.
1100-1200: Class Worship/Preaching requirements with CH Michael Cannon
• Each of us will be giving a 20 minute field service while here
o SACRED – no prayer or song – just preaching
o Uniqueness of worship: demographics (younger – 83% of Army has H.S. level education and 68% under 30 years old), life situations (remember the Army green element), cultural/religious diversity
• **Perform or Provide**
• Types of sermons: field service, forward operating base (FOB), garrison chapel
o FOB = improvised mix of field and garrison (more “normal” service)
o Field service = 20 minute mini-church
o Look up our unit’s appropriated funds!
1200-1300: lunch (Burger King...yeah I just had a chicken sandwhich)
1300-1600: NCO classes/updates on ethics, etc.
• Hygiene reminders for everyone – change clothing, brush, deodorant, daily showers, floss, work in teams, take charge
• APFT – will not fail unless you give up mentally! P.T. is about discipline – you need to be this way to gain respect! You need good form for running well. Don’t stomp heels. Check out Fleet Feet. Face up doing push-ups
• SGT Rivera wants 8-count push-ups from now on. SGT Rankins wants mtn. climbers.
• Sunburn = article 15 and punishable by UCMJ.
• They are buying us individual hand sanitizers
• Watched video of military with prosthetics – wow! This shows that when the weather gets hot and we get discouraged, don't give up! These men and women did not and they lost limbs on the battle field.

I'm tired - sleepy time. Bright and early will be having my PT diagnostic!

10 June 2010


I'm going to try to write more in the future - but it was another long day!
Some of my notes:

DAY 5:
0830 – Tricare briefing
0900 – Sexual Assault and harassment prevention briefing
1030 – train-up with NCOs (learning songs)
1200-1300 – lunch (at PX – “family day” – busy)!
General Rutherford showed up to speak for a while (surprise visit)! I found a speech of him on YouTube.
- Take care of our families
- He was one of the original CCs
- Would have started earlier if he could go back
1400 – Alcohol and drug abuse briefing
Army trivia:
14 JUN 1775 (235 years ago) birthday of the Army
29 JUL 1775 Chaplaincy started
**Read 1st three chapters of “The Armed Forces Officer**
**check blackboard for more articles and the paper that is due**
We had a drug and alcohol training seminar
- Spiritual service is the most important thing
- Check blackboard for slideshow
Agenda Tomorrow:
0515: HHC Supply and Shed
0730: TB Test results
0830: Drill and Ceremony (D&C)
1100: worship
1300: NCO Classes?
Sat: 0515 – Darby field - PT Diagnostic

09 June 2010


Once again - too busy to write a formal journal - but here are my notes:

DAY 4:
SRP – shots (got 2 – Hep B and Tetanus - both unnecessary but I had not supporting documentation to prove I had them in the past...) also had TB test.
Got out fairly early – went to hotel by myself, hung out, came back - it was a quick pit-stop.
1300 – Keynote speaker (CH Smartt).
- Was told to make sure to love our soldiers above all else
- No plagiarism
- Be a good communicator
- Learn how to lead worship services
- Learn how to counsel others
- Think of other suggestions to improve the Chaplain School
Chaplain School also has other programs as well: C4 – advanced training for Chaplains; AIT – for CH assistants?
CH Kircher is the director of the school – has a lot of responsibilities
*we are all equals*
Our one purpose is to become an Army Chaplain
*Google “Kim Orlando”* - a hero and fallen soldier.

08 June 2010


Again - sorry! No time for a real "journal" but here are the notes I drafted from today:

DAY 3:
Lined up by platoon for inspection; my battle buddy is CPT Knoble.
Went back to our hotels to study until 1300 (this will probably not happen again so I enjoyed it while I could)
Met with Platoon:
- BUB = Battle Update Briefing
- **Learned “Rendezvous with Destiny”**
S1 – personnel guru – all administrative – reports to the platoon
S2 – intelligence; what’s going on in the world; weather; hotspots; sports (Lakers)
S3 – training guide; brief platoon on schedule – collect assignments
S4 – logistics; supplies (e.g. radios)
S5 – activities (social elements)
S6 – computer guy; help with Blackboard; technology
Platoon Chaplain – word of wisdom; devotions
PT Coach
Squad leaders – accountability – know where your men are
Guide-on – Plum (ROTC)

Thursday will execute official BUB format
CIMT/Phase 1 does not get AER until graduation – only counseling statement

101st: “Screaming Eagles”
**Platoon Motto: “Air Assault”**
Follow chain of command!
Bring summer PT clothes tomorrow for weigh-in!

Briefing on Pass/Leaves
Agenda tomorrow:
0700 (0645) – I and II Platoon link with SGT Rankins – SRP – bring shot records and orders
0800 – welcome key note speaker
After lunch have summer PT outfit for weigh-in
**Get Military ID Tags**

07 June 2010


I don't have time to really write a huge recap of the day, but here are the notes I took on the day:

Almost late today! We didn’t even realize it! We were technically "early" still, but almost not early enough!
Uniform briefing; more forms (finance and beneficiaries); access card
- Told I needed a haircut by the NCO (my hair grows FAST)!
Dental stuff for people staying the entire 90 days; more forms
*Statement of non-availability
- We had a 2 hour lunch b/c ahead of schedule! Commissary was closed
SSG Rivera – Uniform wear briefing
CHBOC Slides – Customs and Traditions
- Good manners; politeness
- Walk to the left side of senior officers
- terms “Attention” “At Ease” and “Carry On”
- Sergeants Major
**Know when to salute

C H Lamb – our Platoon Leader:
Agenda tomorrow (Tuesday)
0630 Uniform Inspection in the parking lot
0800-1200 – get vehicle sticker/shoes
1200-1300 lunch
1300-1400 – HHC leave/pass policy briefing
1300-1500 – SGL stuff to set up platoons
**Know “Rendezvous with Destiny” song and motto**
Fri/Sat PT assessment and TA-50 issues – bring duffel bag
*Class leadership – get list?
**Bring $21.80 tomorrow for MREs!

(Replace "Jump" with "Assault" and replace "men" with "soldiers")

06 June 2010


As many of you know - I am away at Ft. Jackson for part of CH-BOLC - that is, Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course. I am here for CIMT (initial military training) and the first phase (of three) for Chaplain training. The flights were uneventful, and I was able to meet some of the Chaplains and Candidates along the way.
The weather is humid and hot, BUT, I have a nice place to come "home" to in the evenings - which is certainly a blessing. I don't have much time to "sit around" as there is plenty to study, memorize, and learn.
I will give a more thorough update soon, but I need to get back to duty now. There is a slide-show below of my room - not much to look at (actually it's pretty nice), but I am not allowed to take pictures of the base (I am posted off-base) - so there probably won't be too many pictures after this.

04 June 2010

Farnsworth Invention

Lauren and I were able to see our friend Tom McElroy cast in the Farnsworth Invention - a play about the invention and competition of rights for the television. We enjoyed the show and seeing Tom play various roles throughout the stage play.
No pictures of the night - but it was worth blogging about!