28 June 2010

Goings on in Chicago

While Micah has been away I've been so blessed to have lots of lovely visitors keeping me company.
Ariel and her friend Katie came to visit, then my good friend Natalie came the weekend after that, and then my mom and her friend Kim were here this past weekend. Love you guys!
My job has made the weekdays fly by and guests have made the weekends a blur.
While the company has been great, I definitely miss Micah. HOWEVER, the mom of one of my babies works for United and has offered me one of her companion passes to visit Micah over the July 4th weekend. Looks like I'll get to fly out this Thursday evening (I have Friday off work due to a scheduling error - yea!) and return Monday morning. It is standby, but the flights don't look full so it's looking good.
On another note, our poor Saturn has been out of commission as of late - first it lost its serpentine/alternator belt and then someone decided to smash in the front passenger window. The window breaker/thief left the radio, pile of gift cards, never even opened the glove box, but did steal our GPS. Good thing I've had almost a year of navigating Chicago, so I know my way around pretty well.
Micah has some exciting stuff planned this weekend, so I'm sure we'll have a fun blog update soon!
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  1. That sounds great Lauren!! We'll pray it will work out. What a blessing indeed. I wish I was there to take care of your car. Hopefully you've got it running again. Love, Scott & Dee


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