20 June 2010


I was able to sleep quite a bit last night – so I woke up mostly refreshed and ready to start the day. Today is Sunday and I have two more services I need to visit in order to complete the homework assignment of visiting multiple on-post chapel services. I decided that I would visit the Muslim class at 0800 and then the Jewish service at 0930.
I met Josh and Cecil in the lobby, and after having a quick breakfast, we carpooled to base. The Muslim class was basically a time where the Imam (the leader) played two videos for us that defended the Muslim religion in America (compared to 9/11) and emphasized the mission of Islam being “peace.” Yeah…
The Jewish service had a lot more substance however-and the chapel was full! The Rabbi (Silverstein) was hilarious! He had some great jokes about Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, you name it! “We are going to have wine and cookies now. Does anyone know why we are having wine? To make us happy!” Oh – by the way – the cookies were Oreos!
After service, Josh, Cecil and I went to a sweet sandwich joint near our hotel! I think it’s a chain – but the sandwiches were fantastic! I’m definitely going back! I think the place was called WhichWich?
Back at the hotel I called my father to wish him a happy Father’s Day before passing out for a much needed nap. I woke up in time to change into PTs and leave back to post for an informal formation. We checked our ACHs (helmets) to make sure they fit us well, sang a few “Gospel” hymns together, and then came back to the hotel again! I think these formations are mostly for accountability – to ensure that everyone stayed around the general vicinity and didn’t wander off too far over the weekend. I called my father-in-law once I got back to the hotel and was able to catch up with him as well! It’ll be nice to see my family later in July!
Well – that’s basically the day. Tomorrow we will start EARLY in the morning – marching to Victory Tower where we will do some repelling and such. Land navigation and some all-day field testing is also coming up this week.
Thanks so much for your continued prayers, notes, cards, and love!

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