17 June 2010


0600 – PT
0830 – First Aid class (all day)
TCCC = Tactical Combat Casualty Care (3 phases)
LOC = level of consciousness
• AVPU (Alert, Verbal, Pain, Unresponsive)
Learned methods of opening the airway (head-tilt, jaw-thrust, NPA)
Lesson 2 – Evaluate the Casualty (SSG Soto)
- Scan for danger; decide what care is needed
- HABC (hemorrhage, airway, breathing, circulation)
3 Major types of preventable deaths: blockage of nose/throat; collapsed lung; severe bleeding
Lesson 5: Control Bleeding (See PPT) – SSG Lequire
3 types of bleeding: arterial, venous, capillary
Israeli Bandage = Emergency Trauma Bandage
Exit wounds should be treated first!

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