29 June 2010


0600 – Circuit Training PT – good workout! Definitely felt that one!
0815 – marched to class
0830 – our quality insurance director retired this week so he gave an outgoing speech supporting the Chaplains
- CH (LTC) Lynde met with and prayed with me
0900 – SGL time: non-combatant status of Chaplains – watched video clip about the topic
1000 – CPT Bell (part of JAG) – (PPT): Joint Ethics Regulation class
(I was his time-keeper today)
“Ethics Training” (JER)
- majority of ethical problems come with military vehicles (didn't know that)!
*read the latest Army Times – COL’s wife affecting OERs of other soldiers
1100 – Field Services
1200 – lunch – Nutrition class with MAJ Bras (best class so far, and it was OPTIONAL!)
The big 5: Vitamin C, D, Iron, Calcium, Zinc (see ppt and handout)
1300 – JAG – Origins of the Law of War
1400 – “Military Justice, A Soldier’s Briefing” (PPT)
Basically - JAG spoke all day! It was a long day, but very informational!

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