15 June 2010


0545 – PT at Darby field
0815 – Marched to class from Dozier
0830 – Basic Voice Communication (tactical radio class)
• See FM 24-19 and PPT
• We learned how to pronounce numbers and spell using military alphabet
• Learned prowords (procedure words) - **learn these**
“correction means ‘my bad’” (SGT Soto)!
Lima Charlie = loud and clear
1300 – CH Lynde (LTC) spoke – is AGR Chaplain; also CH Santios (LTC) spoke
• See PPT
• There are 7 duties a Chaplain can have: AGR, TPU, IRR, IMA, MDAY, MIL-TECH
• We should check our points yearly
Lessons learned from RC Ministry:
- Half sheet “word of the day” for your unit. This is good for those who don’t go to chapel too
- Facebook page for unit/electronic media
- Communicate with supervisory Chaplain often
- We can hold services as CCs
1430 – Sexual Harassment/EO class: - see PPT
Worked out after class

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