10 June 2010


I'm going to try to write more in the future - but it was another long day!
Some of my notes:

DAY 5:
0830 – Tricare briefing
0900 – Sexual Assault and harassment prevention briefing
1030 – train-up with NCOs (learning songs)
1200-1300 – lunch (at PX – “family day” – busy)!
General Rutherford showed up to speak for a while (surprise visit)! I found a speech of him on YouTube.
- Take care of our families
- He was one of the original CCs
- Would have started earlier if he could go back
1400 – Alcohol and drug abuse briefing
Army trivia:
14 JUN 1775 (235 years ago) birthday of the Army
29 JUL 1775 Chaplaincy started
**Read 1st three chapters of “The Armed Forces Officer**
**check blackboard for more articles and the paper that is due**
We had a drug and alcohol training seminar
- Spiritual service is the most important thing
- Check blackboard for slideshow
Agenda Tomorrow:
0515: HHC Supply and Shed
0730: TB Test results
0830: Drill and Ceremony (D&C)
1100: worship
1300: NCO Classes?
Sat: 0515 – Darby field - PT Diagnostic

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