14 June 2010


Early morning we had a Team Development Course (TDC) – a lot of fun! Six different stations with six obstacles that required working through as a team. Companies pay big money for their employees to do stuff like this – but we get paid to do the same stuff!
We had a class with CH Hart on the professional ethics of an Army Officer. A 3 page paper is due in a few days regarding this topic.
What makes us different compared to our civilian counterpart? There is indeed a distinct difference – we made certain commitments when we gave our oath.
ROE (Rules of Engagement): do not sound off when asking CH Hart questions; don’t stand up; participate; stay awake – stay alive! Think critically! We does it mean to be a leader in the Army?
Army values: how do we translate this into action? Set the example!
We learned about COL Chamberlain – not regarded as “part of the group” but had a vision – was able to express it to his group – and was with his men, leading.

We had a sweet tour of the Chaplain Library and Museum. There is some amazing history that I was unaware of regarding the Chaplain Corp – and the museum collections were really amazing!
We also had a PMCS – Preventative Maintenance Checklist and Security (for vehicles). We as Chaplains should get dirty and grimy in the motor pool. This will purchase credibility with our soldiers and CH assistant. We need to take care of our soldiers! The mechanics will also see this and take care of us as well. We learned to make sure to follow the manual, give good visual check of the vehicle, body, windows, tires, lights, underbody, drips, pioneer kit; pop hood, inspect! It’s better to have less oil than too much!
- Worked out after school at the hotel. From here-on – will be working out at Coleman gym after class.

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