09 June 2010


Once again - too busy to write a formal journal - but here are my notes:

DAY 4:
SRP – shots (got 2 – Hep B and Tetanus - both unnecessary but I had not supporting documentation to prove I had them in the past...) also had TB test.
Got out fairly early – went to hotel by myself, hung out, came back - it was a quick pit-stop.
1300 – Keynote speaker (CH Smartt).
- Was told to make sure to love our soldiers above all else
- No plagiarism
- Be a good communicator
- Learn how to lead worship services
- Learn how to counsel others
- Think of other suggestions to improve the Chaplain School
Chaplain School also has other programs as well: C4 – advanced training for Chaplains; AIT – for CH assistants?
CH Kircher is the director of the school – has a lot of responsibilities
*we are all equals*
Our one purpose is to become an Army Chaplain
*Google “Kim Orlando”* - a hero and fallen soldier.

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