30 May 2011

Memorial Day

All our neighbors that go to First Free got together for a Memorial Day barbeque. Was a great day of sunshine and fellowship! Oh, and tasty food!

29 May 2011

Grilling and Chilling!

Though it was a little rainy, we spent the day grilling outside with our friends Nick and Lindsey. We set up a tent and threw some dogs on the grill. We played some games inside and enjoyed Lindsey's amazing cherry pie! Was a fun time!

Jumpin Jumpin Jumpin

Tirzah loves to hang out here!

25 May 2011

Drive-Ins & Hot Dogs

It's an hour drive out to the Cascade Drive-in Theater, but it's also $14 per carload for a double feature on Tuesdays! So we went! There's also a 50's style burger/hot dog joint next to the drive-in where you can get free refills for life after buying a big cup. The food is delicious and the shakes are yummy!

24 May 2011

Back we go!

Micah's brother Jacob was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army after 4 years of dedication in the ROTC program. So, we traveled to MN to be there for it. It was great to have lots of family in one place so we could see everyone. We also spent a day in Hudson seeing Lauren's family and friends. We also enjoyed an evening at Jon and Katie Brown's home. With Lydia, Charles, Danielle and Tirzah. We checked out the new Five Guy's in Dinkytown too – goooood stuff! Tirzah also attended her first wedding along with all of Micah's family.

16 May 2011


Micah was away for a week in Seattle, WA for Chaplain training with the Army. He came home with a big box of books and some great experiences.

08 May 2011

She'll fight for her rights!

Learning about the declaration of independence. Watch that fist!

04 May 2011

Baby Dedication

In a baby dedication, parents present their child before God, asking for grace and wisdom as they raise their child. Parents also pray for the ability to raise their child in the knowledge of God and that their child would come to know Jesus. Today we dedicated ourselves to this purpose by having Tirzah dedicated at First Free. Lauren's Aunt Tammy, Uncle Mark, cousin Austyn, and grandparents all traveled to be there for the dedication. We all went out for awesome bbq at Smoque BBQ after church.

03 May 2011

02 May 2011


Almost a year ago we got tickets to see Ray Vander Laan speak out in Morris, IL. The conference was pushed back almost 6 months from the original date. So, we, unexpectedly had to bring Tirzah along. But, she did great. It was amazing how many people would come up to us to say hi to the baby and comment on how cute she is. Micah had enough points for a free stay at a Holiday Inn, so we were able to stay overnight in Morris. They serve a good breakfast!