23 October 2011

Neglectful blogging

Yep, it happened again...we stopped blogging for a while. Good news is - the apartment is ALMOST finished. So we are ALMOST ready to posts pics of our new place. Just have to nail in some trim, paint a little, and get some pictures on the walls. We are having a housewarming party this weekend, so it has to get done by then!
Tirzah is mobile and still as cute as ever. She loves to clap and wave. There are plenty of videos to upload, but those will have to wait for another posting.
Micah is busy with school, work, and all his (many, many) extra-curricular activities.
Lauren is busy as a stay at home mama and is enjoying her classes (but not the homework).
These are long overdue, but here is a slideshow video from Tirzah's 6 month photoshoot.