30 November 2009

Prayer and Thanksgiving!

My dear family and friends,
We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving this past weekend! Lauren will update this blog and fill you in with all of the fun things we did as a family over the course of three days. Of course, I missed being with my side of the family (you crazy wonderful bunch!) but I am looking forward to seeing you guys at Christmas!

I am overloaded with homework and projects and humbly ask to keep me in your faithful, daily prayers through December 10th (my last day of school for the semester). Please pray for efficiency in my work, diligence to finish all of my work on time, and to do well in the results of my labor. Please also pray that Lauren and I continue to do well in our jobs!
I am wiped out but I am excited that the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching soon (and there's nothing I can do to stop it from coming)!

- M&L

25 November 2009

As Thanksgiving Approaches...

We have so much to be thankful for! Despite having very little $ in our piggy bank, God's provided so we've been able to pay our bills, keep our apartment, and eat pretty well. We're both employed and have an awesome cat. And we have amazing, loving, supportive families!

We're spending Thanksgiving with Lauren's Mom's side of the family (the Ericksons). Thanksgiving is a big deal for Lauren's family - it's her favorite holiday. It's a 4 day event - Turkey day, a day galavanting through downtown Chicago, a day where we play games and go see a movie, and lots of time just hanging out, having fun.

We (aka Lauren) had some baking to do for Thanksgiving (wow, she feels like an adult now!). On our grocery trip we came across some interesting finds.Mmmm...Turkey cake! Did they baste it?

Chocolate Fudge Pop (or "soda" for you pop snobs :) ) Lauren thinks it is disgusting, Micah thinks it would taste deliciously yummy! Can't tell from the pic, but they only sold the diet version - hmm...

Fall has been really beautiful in our neighborhood - lots of streets lined with big, old trees. We've really enjoyed taking walks through our neighborhood, seeing the beautiful old homes, cute little boutiques and restaurants, seeing lots of kids out playing, and cute dogs on walks.
On a walk, found a leaf bigger than Lauren's face - what kind of tree does that come from?

PS- Lauren is loving her job! She works with a wonderful teacher and they only care for 2 babies in their room at the moment - a 1 year old and a 3 mo. old. After Thanksgiving break, they'll have 4 new babies over one week's time. Three 2 mo. olds and another 3 mo. old. It'll be a little crazy, but hopefully fun too!

14 November 2009

The Weekend!

Last night we had fun hanging out with our friends Jesse and Ruth at their place. Along with some other couples we played "Apples to Apples" and celebrated Jesse's birthday. It's so awesome to have other Christian couples as friends!
This morning (or rather afternoon since we slept in :) ) we walked a few blocks from our apartment to a diner for breakfast. It's an old fashioned diner with one row of stools that faces the kitchen (like Al's in Dinkytown). It's creatively called "24 Hour Diner." Some of the employees even wear those paper hats. It was fun to watch our food being made and it tasted great!
Micah has been studying all day and is so diligent! Thank the Lord for our 3 day weekends!

13 November 2009

Our God Is So Good!

We know our God is faithful and provides, but it is still amazing to see when He provides evidence of that in our own lives. We thank you for all your prayer and encouragement as Lauren has searched for a job. God has blessed us by answering our prayers. Lauren has been offered a position as an "infant teacher" in a childcare center in downtown Chicago. She begins work/training on Wednesday and will be working with a lead teacher to care for infants and create lesson plans. The job is full time and will meet Micah and Lauren's financial needs and even a few of their wants. God has given Lauren a love for children in low-income families and in poor living situations. She someday wants to start her own childcare center for single-mothers who are on a fixed income, and hoped for a job that would prepare her for that in some way. Please pray for Lauren as she starts her job, that she would learn everything quickly and that caring for many infants would not be overwhelming, but a joy.

Love always,

11 November 2009

Interview Day

Today, Lauren had an interview with a childcare center downtown. It went really well and she really liked the center and the teachers that work there. She should find out about the job by Friday or Monday. When Lauren got home she got a call from another childcare center asking if she could come in for an interview that day (today!). Needless to say, Lauren accepted the interview. The interview went great and the center asked her to come in for a working interview tomorrow to see how she is with the kids and if the center is a good fit for her. She hopes both places offer her a position, but time will tell! Pray that she has discernment about accepting a job if an offer comes her way and that she would not be discouraged if she doesn't get a job offer.


10 November 2009

Hello Again!

Hi All,

Micah is overwhelmed with the homework he has to complete. He wants to blog about his amazing trip to Israel, but has to devote his time to catching up with school work. Please pray that he can catch up on his homework and that he stays focused and doesn't get discouraged.

Lauren had a few interviews a few weeks ago, and while they went well, she was not offered the positions. It's competitive out there! She has an interview tomorrow working as an assistant teacher at a daycare. Please pray that it would go well!

Also, Micah's great aunt Lillian has declined rapidly in her health. She suffered a stroke and her caretakers say it's only a matter of time before she dies. She is 101 and has lived a full life and seems to be in a constant state of sleep, but we would appreciate prayer that she would be at peace and not be in pain.

We are still loving Chicago and our neighborhood. We rearranged our apartment and have more room now! We miss our family but look forward to seeing them at Thanksgiving and Christmas.