25 November 2009

As Thanksgiving Approaches...

We have so much to be thankful for! Despite having very little $ in our piggy bank, God's provided so we've been able to pay our bills, keep our apartment, and eat pretty well. We're both employed and have an awesome cat. And we have amazing, loving, supportive families!

We're spending Thanksgiving with Lauren's Mom's side of the family (the Ericksons). Thanksgiving is a big deal for Lauren's family - it's her favorite holiday. It's a 4 day event - Turkey day, a day galavanting through downtown Chicago, a day where we play games and go see a movie, and lots of time just hanging out, having fun.

We (aka Lauren) had some baking to do for Thanksgiving (wow, she feels like an adult now!). On our grocery trip we came across some interesting finds.Mmmm...Turkey cake! Did they baste it?

Chocolate Fudge Pop (or "soda" for you pop snobs :) ) Lauren thinks it is disgusting, Micah thinks it would taste deliciously yummy! Can't tell from the pic, but they only sold the diet version - hmm...

Fall has been really beautiful in our neighborhood - lots of streets lined with big, old trees. We've really enjoyed taking walks through our neighborhood, seeing the beautiful old homes, cute little boutiques and restaurants, seeing lots of kids out playing, and cute dogs on walks.
On a walk, found a leaf bigger than Lauren's face - what kind of tree does that come from?

PS- Lauren is loving her job! She works with a wonderful teacher and they only care for 2 babies in their room at the moment - a 1 year old and a 3 mo. old. After Thanksgiving break, they'll have 4 new babies over one week's time. Three 2 mo. olds and another 3 mo. old. It'll be a little crazy, but hopefully fun too!

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