10 November 2009

Hello Again!

Hi All,

Micah is overwhelmed with the homework he has to complete. He wants to blog about his amazing trip to Israel, but has to devote his time to catching up with school work. Please pray that he can catch up on his homework and that he stays focused and doesn't get discouraged.

Lauren had a few interviews a few weeks ago, and while they went well, she was not offered the positions. It's competitive out there! She has an interview tomorrow working as an assistant teacher at a daycare. Please pray that it would go well!

Also, Micah's great aunt Lillian has declined rapidly in her health. She suffered a stroke and her caretakers say it's only a matter of time before she dies. She is 101 and has lived a full life and seems to be in a constant state of sleep, but we would appreciate prayer that she would be at peace and not be in pain.

We are still loving Chicago and our neighborhood. We rearranged our apartment and have more room now! We miss our family but look forward to seeing them at Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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