29 October 2009

Just a little bit longer...

We know many of you want to hear all about Micah's awesome trip to Israel. Unfortunately, he has TONS of homework to catch up on and won't be able to blog about the trip for a few days. Know he is safe and had an incredible journey!


16 October 2009


Lauren has an interview for a job on Tuesday! PTL! It's a job she initially thought about not bothering to apply for, thinking she didn't qualify for the job. The position is "Study Hall Specialist." Not sure where the specialist title comes in, seeing as it just involves monitoring high school students during study hall and occasionally administering state testing. But, maybe there's more to the job than that. Lauren had 4 time slots to choose from for an interview. She's hoping that means she's only 1 of 4 people interviewing for the job. That's pretty good odds. But, if God wants Lauren to have this job, it will happen. Still, she would appreciate your prayers that she would do well in her interview, speaking clearly and being confident. Lauren thinks it would be wonderful to surprise Micah with her having a job when he gets back!
Lauren talked to Micah on the phone today. He is having a great time still in Israel. He's been to many different hotels already, and says everyone is very hospitable. Micah climbed Masada today! How amazing is that?! (If you don't know what it is, google it! There's an incredible story about Masada and you need to see the pictures to see that climbing it is quite a task!) There's a cable car that can take you up there, but his group does it the challenging way. Micah also got to swim in the Dead Sea. He said he could sit up cross-legged in the water and be half-way out of the water! Lauren can't wait (and I'm sure many of you can't wait) to hear all about Micah's adventures and see photos!


13 October 2009


This weekend we went home to see our family before Micah headed to Israel. We took the Greyhound overnight on Thursday and spent Friday with Micah's family. On Saturday Micah and I went to Chanhassen Dinner Theater to see "Oklahoma!" Micah had gotten tickets over a year ago at a silent auction. That night Grandma Sonia took us out to dinner with Micah's family and his aunt Pam and his cousins. We got to stop by and see Lauren's grandparents too. EARLY Sunday morning, Lauren and Mom McLellan took Micah to the airport to leave for Israel. He had a 10 hour layover in NYC, so he spent the day walking around the big apple. He found the big Swiss Army store and had, of course, a GREAT time there. He safely arrived in Israel and has called Lauren once. He is learning a lot and having a great time. Lauren had fun spending the day with her sister Danielle and then had dinner with her parents. She took the Greyhound overnight to Chicago and got picked up from the station to go directly to work. She's working as a childcare provider for preschoolers in Wheaton. T.E.A.M. - a missionary organization, is training about 8 families to be missionaries overseas. It's a week long training and Lauren and her friend Brittany are taking care of the family's children while the parents are in class. Lauren is glad to have something to keep her busy while Micah is gone, but is still looking for a permanent job and so thankful for all of your prayers!


05 October 2009

Sunday Monday Happy Days!

Hey guys!
Today was busy but enjoyable! Work was busy! I enjoyed it, but it was refreshing to come home to my beautiful wife and eat her homemade pizza for dinner!
I have received word that I have been officially endorsed by the National Association of Evangelicals for the Army Chaplaincy! I'm excited to see where God takes this and how far He leads me into this calling!

Well - it's time to keep plugging away on homework before Lauren and I leave for Minneapolis this coming Thursday evening! Oh - and go Vikings! I can't see them on TV here, but I'm following play-by-play on ESPN!

P.S. thank you to EVERYONE for your words of encouragement and your prayers as I prepare for Israel! Thank you also for those who are contributing financially as well! You are all such a blessing to us both! Please keep lifting up Lauren in your prayers as well, that God leads her to a good, full-time job where she can use the gifts and abilities that He has given her to help others and to glorify Him!

02 October 2009

Israel soon!!

Hey guys!
Today was a great day! I took Lauren out to see Toy Story 1&2 in the theaters! It was totally dead so we basically had the whole theater to ourselves! It was really great to see these two movies back-to-back in 3D! We are both looking forward to next year's Toy Story 3! We spent the rest of the day trying to unwind from the week, while I am still trying to stay on top of the homework load!
God has been so good to us. While we don't know what each day may bring us, this we do know: that God is in control of our days and will provide for our basic needs. He has faithfully blessed us in ways we couldn't imagine. We are so blessed to have family and friends who pray for us consistently and who provide us with words of encouragement when they are most needed.
We are also so very thankful to those who have committed to pray for the upcoming Israel trip starting next week, and for those who have even felt led to financially support this mission as well. Words cannot express the gratitude we hold for you.
We have begun to see just how powerful prayer can be during our time in Chicago. Moody certainly lifts everything up to the Lord in prayer and it has been so refreshing to draw on that and use that in our own personal lives. God is so very good.
We will be in Minnesota this next weekend for a few short days. I (Micah) will be flying out from Minneapolis to NY and then to Israel on Sunday morning, but would love to see some of you before I leave if I can. I wish I could thank you and hug you all in person for all that you have blessed us with, in prayers, love, encouragement, gifts, and more prayer!
We love you!
- Micah and Lauren


Here is a slideshow of photos from Jon and Katie Brown's visit and a few extra ones when school started!

01 October 2009

Job Info

Lauren had an interview this morning for a job working as an after-school teacher to kids in underperforming schools. They offered her the job after the interview! While this job pays $20/hr, it's only 8 hours a week, and it doesn't start until November.
It would be a job Lauren would love, but she would need another part time job to pay the bills. Aldi's is hiring :)

Happy October everyone!