16 October 2009


Lauren has an interview for a job on Tuesday! PTL! It's a job she initially thought about not bothering to apply for, thinking she didn't qualify for the job. The position is "Study Hall Specialist." Not sure where the specialist title comes in, seeing as it just involves monitoring high school students during study hall and occasionally administering state testing. But, maybe there's more to the job than that. Lauren had 4 time slots to choose from for an interview. She's hoping that means she's only 1 of 4 people interviewing for the job. That's pretty good odds. But, if God wants Lauren to have this job, it will happen. Still, she would appreciate your prayers that she would do well in her interview, speaking clearly and being confident. Lauren thinks it would be wonderful to surprise Micah with her having a job when he gets back!
Lauren talked to Micah on the phone today. He is having a great time still in Israel. He's been to many different hotels already, and says everyone is very hospitable. Micah climbed Masada today! How amazing is that?! (If you don't know what it is, google it! There's an incredible story about Masada and you need to see the pictures to see that climbing it is quite a task!) There's a cable car that can take you up there, but his group does it the challenging way. Micah also got to swim in the Dead Sea. He said he could sit up cross-legged in the water and be half-way out of the water! Lauren can't wait (and I'm sure many of you can't wait) to hear all about Micah's adventures and see photos!


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  1. I took the cable car to the top of Masada for lack of time and I also floated in the Dead Sea. Both were awesome experiences.
    Aunt Sandy


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