13 October 2009


This weekend we went home to see our family before Micah headed to Israel. We took the Greyhound overnight on Thursday and spent Friday with Micah's family. On Saturday Micah and I went to Chanhassen Dinner Theater to see "Oklahoma!" Micah had gotten tickets over a year ago at a silent auction. That night Grandma Sonia took us out to dinner with Micah's family and his aunt Pam and his cousins. We got to stop by and see Lauren's grandparents too. EARLY Sunday morning, Lauren and Mom McLellan took Micah to the airport to leave for Israel. He had a 10 hour layover in NYC, so he spent the day walking around the big apple. He found the big Swiss Army store and had, of course, a GREAT time there. He safely arrived in Israel and has called Lauren once. He is learning a lot and having a great time. Lauren had fun spending the day with her sister Danielle and then had dinner with her parents. She took the Greyhound overnight to Chicago and got picked up from the station to go directly to work. She's working as a childcare provider for preschoolers in Wheaton. T.E.A.M. - a missionary organization, is training about 8 families to be missionaries overseas. It's a week long training and Lauren and her friend Brittany are taking care of the family's children while the parents are in class. Lauren is glad to have something to keep her busy while Micah is gone, but is still looking for a permanent job and so thankful for all of your prayers!


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