02 October 2009

Israel soon!!

Hey guys!
Today was a great day! I took Lauren out to see Toy Story 1&2 in the theaters! It was totally dead so we basically had the whole theater to ourselves! It was really great to see these two movies back-to-back in 3D! We are both looking forward to next year's Toy Story 3! We spent the rest of the day trying to unwind from the week, while I am still trying to stay on top of the homework load!
God has been so good to us. While we don't know what each day may bring us, this we do know: that God is in control of our days and will provide for our basic needs. He has faithfully blessed us in ways we couldn't imagine. We are so blessed to have family and friends who pray for us consistently and who provide us with words of encouragement when they are most needed.
We are also so very thankful to those who have committed to pray for the upcoming Israel trip starting next week, and for those who have even felt led to financially support this mission as well. Words cannot express the gratitude we hold for you.
We have begun to see just how powerful prayer can be during our time in Chicago. Moody certainly lifts everything up to the Lord in prayer and it has been so refreshing to draw on that and use that in our own personal lives. God is so very good.
We will be in Minnesota this next weekend for a few short days. I (Micah) will be flying out from Minneapolis to NY and then to Israel on Sunday morning, but would love to see some of you before I leave if I can. I wish I could thank you and hug you all in person for all that you have blessed us with, in prayers, love, encouragement, gifts, and more prayer!
We love you!
- Micah and Lauren

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