16 June 2010


Every Wed: the CH room will become a sanctuary of prayer (CH COL Dugal)
0545 – did running for PT at Darby Field (some sprints and such)
0830 – CBRN class – how to get a good seal with our gas mask – see PPT
**know what JSLIST stands for** (Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology)
**know CBRN Mopp levels**
**know indicators of C/B attack**
M291 = skin; M295 = equipment
1100 – went into the gas chamber. Our group was the very first group inside. We had to remove the seal, shout our name, social, and rank, then reseal our mask. After this, a group of us removed our mask fully, shouted our name, class and Chaplain motto, then were released from the chamber! It was quite the experience!
1400 – Army Nutrition Class (see PPT)
1430 – Preventative Medicine class (PPT) – Heat Injury Briefing
**pray about active duty** - MAJ Sherbert – 20 years of service
Average temperature is 95 degrees here!

Chaplain Physioc came to speak for a few minutes (really neat guy)
• “engage, engage, engage”
• “you can always do ministry in any level”
• He did what he loved regardless of rank
• He has “hospitality house” for students like us to come over and visit!

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