30 June 2010


Alright - I know it's "country" but it's a favorite among the Soldiers!

0515 – Urine analysis for the WHOLE CLASS! – LONG DAY of waiting around!
0900 – Class – Spiritual Leadership – CH (COL) Dugal
-Calling (service); Character (self-regulation); Competence (skills)
“To be a spiritual leader, you must be spiritual first”
Calling (vocation) first to our faith, then military
Character is: what is continually built/developing
“we are dealing with people who are fragile and vulnerable. Our character is what keeps us professional and helps them.”
Competence: what are your own personal strengths? How do we keep growing?
1300 – POV inspection (I was first in line)!
1400 – 30 day accrual class

Overall - another long, "hurry up and wait" day. But - these things need to get done!

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