01 July 2010


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This is the day that Lauren was SUPPOSED to fly out after work to visit me!
0515 – APFT Test/Diagnostic. I did well on push-ups, and cut off over a minute on my 2-mile. Sit-ups still need some work, but that shouldn't be too hard to work up.

0830 – SGL coaching: *average day of AD deployment: CH Lamb/air assault;Kuwait; March ’03 -->had 6 UMT under him--> 1st time being supervisory CH. Was more in control of his own time; followed CMDR on Blackhawks – talk to Imam (Muslim religious leader); 3-4 hrs of staff meetings; checked on BN CHs once/week --> UMT meetings; 1 month-->Div meeting; when you go active duty - prepare for downtime! Get info from S2; give history/background to soldiers/staff; be creative!

Pluralism class (CH Cline) (PPT)
202 denominations are recognized by the DoD!
-you will hear some rotten preaching in the Army, but the most important thing is to take care of soldiers, equally, etc.

What a Chaplain should NOT be:

***know, read, download AR 165-1***
*Perform or Provide*

1300 – CIMT AAR
1400 – COL Reed
1. CH who gets to know troops (visibility/gain CMDRs trust)
2. Honest feedback (face-time with CMDR; most don’t know how to use is! If you try to be the “be all” you will spend time with only 10% of Soldiers;
3. Try not to be under the XO; think outside the box! *Try to get to the left of an IED blast* = give indicator to the CMDR if you smell black smoke before the fire so issues can be avoided.
STRONG Bonds is an excellent program – be creative to secure funding! Integrate needed issues to work on into STRONG Bonds!
- grew up Roman Catholic
2 Types of Leaders: Enlightened and Non-Enlightened!
- build teams by being present during field events and exercises; know other religions so you can give intelligent answers!
- Bamberg Germany story…
- Plan for the death of a Soldier in your unit and to bring the CMDR around – be ready to counsel right away so the CMDR can make the right decisions
- As a CH you are on the staff and a team AND part of the formal staff
- Relationship between CH and CSM: it’s GOOD to have support of CSM - *BE AT MEETINGS*
- You are a member of the organization; you are a sounding board; you are a “friend” to the org.
- Soldiers LIE!
- Make sure your 56M does his/her DUTY!

Lauren was supposed to come in tonight – but flight was cancelled…she actually had to get off the plane because of "mechanical issues" - and she had to go home and come back the next day! It was a sad evening....

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