29 July 2010

Drive-In Theater in the Chicago area!!

Lauren and I went to a drive-in tonight! It was only about 45 minutes west of Chicago - the place is called Cascade Drive-In located in West Chicago! We drove out there to see "Despicable Me" and "Inception." Both were good movies! I really enjoyed the humor in Despicable Me and the story/thought process of Inception! Near the drive-in was a small hot dog/shake place, so Lauren and I stopped in there to get something to drink. We were going to get malts or shakes, and guess what - the BIGGEST shake was only $1.99 as a special that day! Hooah! We totally got TWO of them (which was still cheaper than ONE at regular price)! If we save the cups we can come back for free pop refills in the future! That was great! So we really had a great evening together!

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