07 July 2010

CH-BOLC Day 32 (Phase 1)

0530 – Confidence Course – 5 obstacles
Weaver (tough!), 5 walls, sky-scraper, the wall, shimmy-fall
-hardly time to shower this time!

1100- SM Wayne Henderson – AGR for 20 years, CA; counterpart to CH Lynde
ARFRGN – Army Force Generation-Mobilization (no PPT)
- No more stop-laws for guard/reserves – notified 24 months b4 deployment
Cross-leveling: when more MOS in slots than are available – happens a lot w/reserve, but not so much for NG. There are “enough” Chaplains.

1130-1250 – lunch (went to car and the A/C!)

1300 – Command Master Religious Plan (SFC Randolph) (instructs resource mgmt); PPT
APIE = Assessment, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation
3 types of missions: statutory, mission essential, mission enhancers
Sources of funding – prioritize and ask for the right amt of money
UFR – Unfinanced Requirements
Have a plan and a money amount attached to that plan

1400 – CH Yvonne Hudson (LTC) – 22 years CH; 17 years to retirement (day 1 on AD – soldier killed another soldier)
-has done lots of counseling
-get connected with AD CH – this will give you good experience (and points)
“Resource mgmt is ministry” “Make friends with the S4” “You are going to have to convince people that what you are doing is important”
-when planning, prepare for large families = lots of kids
-ask commander to match funds for STRONG Bonds. Know your unit’s budget! Try to get 10% of unit’s budget if possible!
-when asking for money, have CMRP together, have plan and a good idea!
“Market yourself” “personally invite people” “you need to decide NOW what kind of CH you will be” “Be in prayer over EVERYTHING” “If you pray, God will bring people to you” “ God will bring resources to you”

1500 – SGT Dennis Volz – AKO/RSOS = Religious Support Operation Systems
- Very streamlined – work through it and use it!

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