10 July 2010

CH-BOLC Day 35 (Phase 1)

SATURDAY! Took the day off to relax (which was unavoidable with the pain meds)! Lee and I went down to visit my friends James and Jane - whom I know from my Israel trip last fall. It was such a pleasant day with Jane and James. They were so hospitable, loving, and giving, it felt like we just stepped onto another planet!
We started our afternoon with lunch at the local lighthouse. James met us there. After lunch and a tour of the area, we met James at a new house they had purchased to look it over. Later that day, Lee and I went kayaking in the ocean from their beach. We swam in the pool as well until a huge storm hit (which lasted all of 10 minutes)! Jane shared some her pictures from Israel, we relaxed, drank sweet tea, then met James for dinner at the yacht club! Some of the best food I have ever had! It was such a great day and definitely unforgettable! See the pictures! Click on the pictures for the album!
On the way home Jon and I ran into another thunderstorm, but we made it home safely! I definitely have to bring Lauren back here to visit James and Jane! Thank you guys for a wonderful day!

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