13 July 2010

CH-BOLC Day 38 (Phase 1)

No PT; new CMDR took over and he wanted 100% inventory on TA-50. This meant that we all had to meet in the parking lot at Darby Field to get checked off, which took quite a bit of time! See the pictures! You can see the night start turning to day!
Had breakfast on post with some of my friends (Knobel and Lee) – good stuff!
“History of Chaplaincy” class (interesting stuff):
Key Events:
Phase 1 – Providing Religious Support 1775-began
Phase 2 – Recognition – 1801 Uniforms were issued
Phase 3 – Defining appropriate rules and duties
1920 – CH Corps becomes branch with Chief of CH
1974 – All volunteer Army brings new ideas (e.g. Army Families)
11.4% of CH died during American Revolution (25/218) – highest rate in war!
1920 – National Defense Act created the office of the Chief of CH

1100 – CH (LTC) Harki came to speak - USAR/ARNG CC Programs director
1200 – had a lunch session with CH Harki. Most of the questions asked could have been answered online though – so I was pretty disappointed at the session overall. Instead of learning new things I just heard a repeat of all of the same questions I read on the CC Army milbook. Hopefully this will encourage others to use this resource to answers many of their questions.
Found out today that Beard found this blog while searching for CIMT stuff! Pretty cool!

1300 – MAJ Sutherland - Long class on FM 5-0 - Army Planning and Order Production
3 processes guide Army planning
1. Army problem solving; 2. Military Decision Making Process; 3. Troop Leading Procedures (TLP)
3 types of orders:
5 paragraphs: situation, mission, execution, service support, command and signal
*the rest is on PPT – make sure to review*

- After school, had to turn in TA-50 (took a LONG time)
- More homework; I’m now starting to look forward to going home to my wife!

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