18 July 2010

Chapel instead of church - and a long drive home!

I had to miss church again today (it’s been around 2 months) – but I was blessed to be part of the chapel service at drill instead. The theme of the service was focused on a judge in the book of Judges, and the oath that was made to God that resulted in the death of his daughter. The bummer was that our equipment didn’t work well with the classroom we were in. The laptop we used didn’t have the right codex for our slides so that was a bit frustrating – but it still went pretty well overall.
I enjoyed spending most of the morning hanging out with the guys in the motor pool, learning a little bit more about my unit, and participating in a class on IEDs.
Around lunch time I was allowed to depart – mainly because I had a long drive ahead of me to MN. I stopped home quickly to see my wife and to say goodbye, then headed out on the 7-8 hour trip to MN. My brother’s bachelor party was scheduled for Tuesday, so I wanted to make sure I had a day beforehand to finish plans for that and also for the wedding.
The drive was good and uneventful, but there were times I got a little bored and even lonely. I wasn’t used to being alone for so long – especially since I have been used to being around people for long periods of time. I noticed near Ft. McCoy a few helicopters flying around, carrying vehicles of some sort (see the pictures)! I finally arrived home to Andover late in the evening. I saw my kitty cat Penny, said hi to the family, then crashed hard until the following morning!

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