03 July 2010


From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1

FINALLY! A GOOD, RESTFUL, DAY OFF! and Lauren is here!
We woke up, had a wonderful breakfast at the hotel, then Lauren, Jon Lee, and I, drove off to a small town called Gilbert. They are known for for yearly "peach festival" which was today! See video below for an intro! Lauren was excited! She was looking for that ultimate, ripe, juicy peach - that only eastern states like South Carolina can produce! Would she find it?!
From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1

From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1

From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1

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Answer - no!
All of the peaches were HARD! But we had some good peach ice cream, peach zazzle (like carbonated juice with peaches), and listened to some peachy music!
Afterwards, we drove to a nearby peach farm were Lauren was able to finally get that wonderful, soft, juicy peach!
Then - we drove to Sonic for "happy hour" - where sodas and famous (non-alcoholic) Sonic drinks were half off!
After this we went back to the hotel, took a nap, then went to Ft. Jackson to see some sweet fireworks.
After the show, Lauren and I went to a local pizza place called the Mellow Mushroom, where we ate a pizza with the softest, yummiest crust I have ever tasted! This was a GOOD day!

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