17 July 2010

It Isn't Over Yet!

Just when you think something is over – it isn’t! The following morning (today) I had to get up especially early to go to drill in Darien, IL. I picked up LT Ezeugo on “the way” there, then drove to Darien to my unit – the 863rd! The formation met outside this time, which was a first for me since we had always met indoors in the past. The confusing part was that there were different formations happening in different places. I am part of the 863rd EN BN HHC rear detachment, but there was also the 863rd EN BN FSC meeting as well. On top of that, you might also find a formation from the same units but in the forward detachment, or in a unit totally different!
Apparently we were supposed to be in PTs this morning for formation, but many of us didn’t get the memo! So instead, I spent a good portion of the day debriefing my supervisory chaplain on CH-BOLC, going out to lunch with our UMT (minus a 56M), and getting ready for chapel services the next day. We did some inventory as well of some of the supplies for our deploying chaplain.
Later that evening I took my beautiful wife out to a nice little Italian restaurant, where we were finally able to catch up a little bit on life and enjoy each other’s company. Thanks to my friends in SC for treating us to this lovely dinner date! What a blessing!

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