05 July 2010

CH-BOLC Day 30 (Phase 1)

Phase 1 Day 30: (Mon) July 5
It was a good but sad day today. The good news was, Lauren didn't have to leave right away in the morning. We were able to book her on a 1710 flight (5:10pm) instead of 0700! We enjoyed our day together even though it flew by pretty quickly: We slept in, ate a really good breakfast at the hotel, watched some TV, then we went to Zesto's for lunch and KRISPY KREME for dessert!
From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1
If you don't know - most (if not all) Krispy Kreme's went out of business in MN, and there are none in the Chicago area either! So it was fun reminiscing of our Krispy Kreme days in high school. I remember when JB and I got a dozen hot doughnuts and totally wiped that box clean in 5 minutes!
After lunch (and dessert) we had a few more hours, so we drove to the airport and checked out the brand new USO that opened up in early June of this year (just last month)! It was a really nice place - very welcoming environment. We played checkers,
From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1
had some snacks, Lauren got a "Dang-It-Doll" made from UofMN fabric!
From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1
From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1
Then we spent over an hour playing Batman Lego on Xbox! Lauren played Batman while I was her sidekick (Robin). I mean - that's how it works in real life anyway right?! :P She cooks and I clean up the mess! :)
Before we knew it - it was time to say was sad to see her go, but I was so very blessed to be in her presence for even a few short days.
From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1
From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1
Thanks so much to our family and friends for your prayers as Lauren traveled here and back. It was a rocky start getting here, but it was smooth sailing back home with no delays.

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