25 July 2010

The McLellan Baby News!

Today was ALSO a big day! Now that the wedding was over, Lauren and I decided this would be the most appropriate time to tell the family of the big news (aka Lauren's pregnancy)! We started the morning at church in Andover with the family. Our initial plan was to write down our baby as one of the present attenders in the "blue book" that is passed down the row during the service. We thought it would be hilarious, but then realized it would probably TOTALLY disrupt service and we would be detracting from the message of Christ. So...we improvised :)
After church and college group we all went out to Old Chicago in Northtown with the family and with our friends JB and Katie. I got my family some presents from CH-BOLC, so that was a good way to start things off. My dad opened the gifts, not suspecting a thing! After THOSE gifts were given out, Lauren and I gave our parents each a gift to open at the same time. My mom's gift was a precious moment of a (young) grandma, holding a onesie that says "I <3 Grandma" while my dad was given a new Bible (The Soldier's Bible) - in the inscription it read "To: Grandpa Scott, From: Baby Mc, Deploying: January 28, 2011" :)
The facial expressions are again pretty sweet! My dad got pretty teary-eyed as well!
Before we knew it, Lauren and I had to leave to go home. It was a long drive back to Chicago, but we made it safe and sound!

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