22 July 2010

Lauren Arrives! The Secret is revealed to some...

I picked up Lauren from the Megabus station in Minneapolis around 5:30am! It was SO good to see her again! We went to Hudson, crashed for a while (since the parents were still sleeping), had breakfast with them, then told them that Lauren was pregnant (see the post dated August 9th 2010). We basically gave Lauren’s parents a frame that said “Grandparents” on top, with a picture of our cat Penny wearing a onesie with foam sticker letters that said “Gonna be a big sister!” The facial expressions on their faces when they realized what was going on was priceless!
After hanging out with the in-laws that morning, we made our way to Eddingtons in Andover to have lunch. Lauren had been craving this place for MONTHS – so we were both glad to finally visit this place again! Micah’s parents and Lydia also met us there as well! After lunch we went to Lauren’s grandparents in Andover to also break the news to them of Lauren’s pregnancy. Just as Micah predicted, they took the news without any hoopla. They just sat there, smiled and said “oh yeah – it’s about time” as they nodded and continued on the discussion as if they were expecting us to tell them at that moment! It was pretty weird but it played back exactly as Micah thought it would!
Later that evening we went over to JB and Katie’s house for dinner! It was great to finally see them again and to see their new place! We had such a wonderful time! We had tacos, went for a walk, got ice cream, looked at other houses for sale in the neighborhood, then went back to play Cranium (check out the videos)! Thanks for a great evening JB and Katie!
It was nice to hang out with some good friends and to tell some our family the good news about Lauren’s pregnancy! Just a few more days until Micah’s side will know! We have one insider on his side that has been holding the secret for quite a while now! See videos below!

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