06 July 2010

CH-BOLC Day 31 (Phase 1)

0600 – PT – not too bad today

0830 – SGL time (CH Lamb): what to expect in active duty
-it is good to have a sponsor when going in
-key people to know in unit: CSM, BC, XO, S3, S1, S2, S4, FRG, 1SG, CMDRs, Sup CH, 56M, UVA, Chapel NCOIC, Family Life CH, JAG; -co-counsel with FLCH if you want to increase your skills!

0900-Army memos (CH/Rabbi Soussan): PPT
**AR25-50 ** - KNOW THIS!
-clear, concise, effective!
BLUF; 2 spaces between sentences
Subject: 10 words or less and only ONE subject!

1300 – CSM McCrimmon: How to do counseling for 56M and how to write NCOER (PPT)
26 years as 56M
-make sure counseling statement is DETAILED!
-don’t let your supervisor be your pastor
-supposed to be counseled every 30 days and ALWAYS after AT

1400 – Art of writing NCOER (PPT)
AR 623-3; DA Form 2166-8; 2166-8-1; duty description
-always start bulleted points with a verb! Past tense!
-sometimes you need to be the “bad guy” by doing the right thing and properly filling out NCOER

1500-SM Steven Stott: Proponency; the life-cycle of the CA (56M) (PPT)
8 life-cycle functions: structure, acquisition, compensation, distribution, deployment (ensure your CAs get promoted), sustainment, development, transition
-*read 1611-21* so you know the job description of 56A
From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1

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