14 July 2010

CH-BOLC Day 39 (Phase 1)

0645 – Formation – wore a uniform that could get dirty for Fit2Win obstacle course
0715 – buses arrived at Dossier
0800 – Fit2Win obstacle course; I was still on profile still so I took pictures of the event. 2nd Platoon came in 2nd, but we only lost because of an injury – otherwise we would have crushed the winning platoon! There should be some pictures online but I haven’t seen them posted on facebook yet.
1030 – DFGL (Distinctive Faith Group Leader) – CH (LTC) Downing (PPT)
1130 - SACRED Comm: Higdon – Gen 17
1300 – Resolving Ethical Problem (CH Hart) (PPT)

- movie clip of ethical situation
Definition of values (social principles, goals, or standards held by an individual or group), morals (7 Army values), ethics (study of morals), ethical relativism, egoism, social contract theory (giving up some rights or bound by values for the greater good).
Consequences: utilitarianism – the lesser of 2 evils or greater good (the greater good for whom?). Story of SEALS who were killed because they didn’t kill sheep herders – all SEALS were killed except the Christian who voted against killing the sheep herders
Deontological (deon = duty)
Morality must focus on the act itself, not on what derives from it, therefore a person can’t be held accountable for the effects caused by the action.
Virtues Ethics: who we are is more important that what we do; more about character than rules
FM 6-22 – 3 ethical perspectives: virtues, principles (cuties, rules, policies), consequences (situation, utilitarian) – Case study on ethics for paper
*stand on your convictions*
So as you can see – it was a pretty good day today – very informative! I enjoy CH Hart’s lectures as well.
The evening at CH Physioc’s house was cancelled due to a scheduling conflict. Fortunately he still wanted to meet with us – so we met at the Mellow Mushroom near my hotel for dinner. The pizza and discussions were great! I really enjoyed being a part of that evening and learning a little bit from our installation chaplain!

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