12 July 2010

CH-BOLC Day 37 (Phase 1)

This morning was PT – except I have a PT profile for the next few days. This means that I am not allowed to participate in any physical activity because if I lose the blot close in my mouth then I will develop a dry socket. According to my mother-in-law (and the dentist), a dry socket is absolutely no fun to have and no fun to fix. Needless to say, my friend Kim and I (Kim also had wisdom teeth removed) still participated in PT, but ended up walking laps instead of going for the morning run.
0830 – had a class on the BN Training Cycle of MAJ Sutherland. We learned that a Chaplain is also a member of the personal staff of the commander and has responsibilities as such! This adds another dimension to the Chaplain model. One thing that we were asked to know was our unit mission and priorities. I have no real idea what my unit mission or priorities are! I’m sure they have to do with engineering somehow but I guess I’ll try to find out when I get back!
We also learned about FM 7-0, the “Principles of Army Training” and we took a quiz as well! We leaned FM 101-5 and the role of a staff officer.
A staff officer:
1. Knows the organization and mission
2. Recognizes role in the action-lead/support
3. Puts the response in correct and appropriate format
4. Answers mail on time
5. Uses most current and accurate information
6. Coordinates within division; organization and other agencies
7. Writes in active voice and short sentences
8. Shares goals and objectives while giving the response
As a chaplain we need to be in tune with commander – know his ideas – stay in tune!
- make recommendations; prepare plans and orders; conduct training, etc.; conduct staff writing; identify problems; monitor execution of decisions; risk management
ROE: Protect the boss’ time! All actions are special; allow sufficient time for approval process; schedule pre-briefs; provide read a heads

1045 – CH Kircher spoke on the OER Support Form!
*Don’t let anybody rate you too far above your current state!* The board will see it and disregard the OER!
11:30 – I gave my SACRED comm (preaching) on Genesis 15:1-21. It was ok…for a first sermon.
1300: FM 3-0 – Army operations – MAJ Sutherland
METTTC – Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops Available; Time; Civil Considerations
It was a long day today….it’s hard to hear in the back as well – but nothing I could do about that since I was assigned to the back corner with my platoon!

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