16 July 2010

CH-BOLC Day 41 (Phase 1) - LAST DAY!

0545: “Fun” run! Students sang cadences as we ran for about an hour.
0830: “Historical Battle Analysis” – a great class – a lot of students were anxious though to out-process and go home!
1000: “Media Training” – “stay in your lane”
- Out-processing was really sad because when we got out, our class was already dismissed and people were already going home for the day. I never had a good chance to say goodbye to everyone…it was really anti-climactic  I’m not sure how to put my feelings into words, but I was really down-heartened when I realized that I would never get to say goodbye to my whole platoon (or other classmates). It was like when you build up a good relationship with a friend and then that friend suddenly dies and you realize you never got a chance to say goodbye. It might not be quite as sad as that, but it sure felt something like that at the time. But I’ll say one thing more – CH Scott (our platoon leader) waited outside our out-processing room so he could say goodbye to each one of us. I hope to become like CH Scott as I mature and develop in school and in the Army.
Some of the role-models that I really looked up to at CH-BOLC included: CH Scott, CH Lamb, CH Hart, and CH Physioc – all for distinctly different reasons. I pray that I can take what I have learned so far from CH-BOLC and from these men of God, and apply them to my own life as I strive to be more like Christ.

After I was dismissed, I turned in one last paper, said goodbye to any remaining chaplains/candidates that were hanging around, then went to Chick-Fil-A for the FIRST TIME! Jon (Lee) and Jay (Yoon) went with - it was pretty good food! In case you might not know, Chick-Fil-A is known for being closed on Sundays because of the Christian ownership. This makes their chicken sandwiches pretty righteous (as Knobel would say)! After lunch we went back to the hotel so Jay could finish checking out. Then I said goodbye to Jon as he was asked to stay for Phase 2 and 3. I took Jay to the airport and we hung out at the USO for a few hours before it was time to leave. It was a pretty sweet way to end the trip! Playing X-BOX Batman Lego in uniform just before leaving to go home! What a great way to unwind!
Even though it was a bit sad to leave many of my friends at CH-BOLC I can’t tell you how great it felt to finally get home and see my beautiful wife!

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