31 July 2010

Sold our loft... :) :(

After Lauren's appointment with the doctor, we went over to Wrigleyville to our old apartment. Our friends Mark and Tara moved out to a new place, so we did a once-over to make sure everything was good to go. Just a couple days before, Mark brought over all of the lumber from our loft bed and we had it sitting in the kitchen. We still had a queen mattress in Wrigleyville that needed to be moved to our new place for now. So Mark came over to help us strap on the mattress and we brought it back to our new (and smaller) studio!
While all of this was going on, I ended up selling our loft on Craigslist to someone who wanted it for their 2 girls! So by the time we got back to our new place, we met the mom and her kids to load up the lumber in her vehicle! We are so thankful that Mark and Tara stuck around to help us load everything! It was a blessing to be able to pass along a really neat loft that my Dad built. It was still sad to see it go to someone else, but we know they will enjoy it and be blessed by it for a long time.
So - it was a good day - and a good workout as well!

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