08 July 2010

CH-BOLC Day 33 (Phase 1)

0545 – PT – muscle failure (Circuit training!)

0830 – SGL time: “When the kingdom of God is at hand, we are going to TAKE OVER and occupy” (CH Lamb). “The government is a resource but GOD is the ultimate SOURCE.”
-slideshow of pics in Iraq. He was brigade CH

0915 – CH Barnett (MAJ) – Conduct Military Briefings (PPT)
4 types of briefings – see PPT (Info, Decision, Mission, Staff)
- Know audience!
- Brevity is GOOD!
(*WARNING - there is some language in the following video*)

General Patton's Opening Speech from

DStrat | MySpace Video

1300 – Army CH Strategic Plan (CH Bush)

Got dismissed early today to allow us time to recover and study - I went to PT though and didn't get back until "normal" time - so no "extra" time for me...oh well!

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