28 July 2010

StuCo meeting and planning at Jason's

This evening I had a StuCo (Student Council) meeting at Jason's house (our pres) to work on the upcoming Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School Retreat. This has now been officially shortened to "The First Saturday" since the "get together" will be held the first Saturday that school starts. Doc Fuder fired up the grill for brats and we had a nice little dinner and a good meeting. We are all definitely praying for good weather that day, for a good turnout, and for God to be glorified above all else in this planning and this upcoming event!
The only bummer part about the whole thing cousin's wedding is on the SAME DAY! :'( It's going to really stink to miss his wedding...but I'm blessed to have a cousin like him who's very forgiving and understanding as well. It was pretty much impossible for Lauren to miss work in order to travel up there for the wedding on her own we're both pretty sad.
But the First Saturday should be a great experience for both new and current students, and I'm excited to see how God works everything out!

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