11 July 2010

CH-BOLC Day 36 (Phase 1)

My platoon squad was assigned to a specific chapel on base for the duration of CH-BOLC. The intent of this assignment is to give us the opportunity to experience into the inner-workings of a chapel service and the responsibilities of the chaplain. Our assignment was at the Main Post Chapel under the supervision of the Installation Chaplain – Chaplain (COL) Physioc. I was pretty excited to be assigned under CH Physioc’s leadership. Remember in one of my previous posts – CH Physioc was the chaplain who moved to S.C. and bought some property in order to open up a hospitality home for other soldiers to visit. I was excited because this is something that I could see myself wanting to do in the future. I wanted to learn more about this “hospitality home” idea so I was one of the first to sign up to visit CH Physioc at his home this coming Wednesday!
So the chapel service went pretty well – it was fun to plan beforehand, assign responsibilities to individual members of my squad, then to execute our plan. I met a lot of great people at the service and was also surprised to see Cole – a buddy of mine from Moody! Cole is in the Navy chaplaincy, and was here at Fort Jackson doing some of his own training! So that was pretty exciting! After chapel I spent a good deal of the afternoon doing homework…
No pictures from today – sorry!

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