23 July 2010

Groom's Dinner Day

We're all pretty stoked for the big day tomorrow though! Enjoy the slideshow!
Today was a LONG day! Long because it was the day before the BIG day! We all went up north to the cabin to get ready for the wedding. We met most of Kristen’s extended family, got checked into the local motel, set up for the wedding, practiced a bollywood dance for the reception (totally cool choreography, but I was definitely not ready for that!), practiced for the wedding, and hosted the groom’s dinner that evening! Everything ran fairly smoothly (except my dancing skills!) and the dinner went without a hitch! Jacob and Kristen got some pretty nice presents as well! My parents wanted an Army theme, so when you look at the pictures – that’s why everyone is wearing camo! Jacob almost had to marry the ugly (and mysterious) firstborn daughter (i.e. the story of Jacob and Leah in Scripture), but fortunately there was no firstborn daughter to marry first! Kristen was the only one - and she isn't ugly! Enjoy the slideshow!

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