21 June 2010


From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1
From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1

Well - there was no PT this morning....BUT - I got up WAY early (around 0400) because our class had to march to Victory Tower - which is a high-ropes course and repelling tower! We were basically getting paid to climb a grown-up jungle gym! This part of the day was fantastic! I learned how to make a Swiss Seat, practiced repelling on a mini tower, then proceeded to climb up Victory Tower - where I was able to repel several stories to the ground! It was great!
After the repelling section, I got the chance to cross three high-rope bridges - each with a unique way of crossing. The middle bridge involved a single rope, where I was to hook on foot over and pull my way across while on my stomach. A lot of guys fell on this one - but praise God - I was able to hold on and maintain my balance through the whole thing!
Check out the video and picture of a buddy of mine who repelled off the tower!

After the entire course was over, our class marched back to the classroom where we took a quick lunch break, then split up to rotate through two classes. The first class was on Convoy Operations, which was a valuable class for all of us. We learned that we are very important - even as non-combatants - so we need to be vigilant and to not grow complacent!
The second class was an interesting on on the ethics of and Army Chaplain. We learned more about the SACRED values (Spirituality, Accountability, Compassion, Religious Leadership, Excellence, and Diversity), and how these disciplines can make us better leaders and ministers in the Army. We learned how to avoid the SPAM of pitfalls as well (Sex, Power, Alcohol, and Money) - as these things have a tendency to tear apart even the strongest of Christians if not held in check.
Finally, to end our classroom day, Sandiford gave the first SACRED Comm. sermon for our platoon. Well done brother!
I had PT after class, then came back to the hotel for dinner, and a couple of surprise care packages from my in-laws and my wife (one with many practical items, and one with a lot of fun things)! :) Thank you guys so much! It was a good day! I'm about half way through CIMT now! After CIMT I will still have two weeks of Phase 1 as well - so I'm here for about a month still! No complaints (except I miss my family and friends)! Shout-out to DRM!

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