13 June 2010

CH-BOLC Day 8 (Church x3)!

We are required to attend five church services of different faith backgrounds on the Ft. Jackson post - while filling out a 5-page review for each one!
After spending some time looking at the schedules the night before, we were able to plan to attend three services on Sunday!
So today we went to the Anderson Street Church at 0800 for the Anglican Service, then the Mormon (LDS) service at 0930, then the Church of Christ service at 1130! Let me tell you - WOW! Each service was SO different from each other (as they should be I suppose)!
Although the Anglican service was VERY liturgical, I enjoyed the depth that the liturgy beheld within the words. The LDS service was a bit interesting as I have never been to one of their services before. Different untrained laymen/members of the church gave the "messages" of the day. No Scripture was quoted (even from the Book of Mormon) but we were told by the LDS that this was typical. Following the service there was a 20 minute "study" that went into the history of LDS - (aka Joseph Smith's life). Overall - this was a very "feel-good" service. I have 5 pages of notes - but those won't be put on here because of time, length, and depth. Talk to me in person if you want to know more about what I thought!
The Church of Christ service was "non-instrumental" which means we sang a capella! I sort of enjoyed the change but not sure if I could handle that every week. They sure packed a LOT in the 1 hour service. Music, lesson, alter call, baptisms, offering, announcements, wow! The Church of Christ sure had the place packed out as well! They needed to bring in chairs to add to the ends of the pews! My reports for all three services are all so very different! It's interesting!
After church I had lunch with my friend Edwards - at a place called Lizards.
At 1600, we all met back on base in PT uniforms for formation and an intro to PT. Because the weather was over 100 degrees, we didn't do much except formation and the agenda for tomorrow! It looks like the next several days will be around 100 degrees as well! Please continue to keep me in your prayers!

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