28 June 2010


PT – RUNNING! I was put in the "Alpha group" – ran in formation! Tough!
0815 – marched to class
0830 – Spiritual Fitness Training (CH Gregory)
Know AR 165-01; AR 600-20 (Army Command Policy)
3 levels of spiritual fitness – know them!
SACRED Comm = Kim
Lunch – sat in car with A/C running and ate an apple, beef jerky, listened to music (used the cooler I got from my parents!)
1300 – 7 Steps Analytical Thinking – CH (LTC) Diefendorf (very good speaker)
Identify the problem: role-play exercise
**FM 5-0, starting at 2-23**- this one is important to know! Put it on your desktop!
1. ID the problem – the cause
2. Gather information – define terms; separate into faces and assumptions; “the greater the assumption, the greater the risk”; evaluate opinions carefully
3. Develop criteria – a standard rule, test that can be judged
4. Generate possible solutions – sketch/write them out; think out-loud
5. Analyze possible solutions – apply criteria and benchmarks to possible solutions
6. Compare possible solutions – what solution fits best? Decision matrix
7. Make and implement the decision – the preferred solution – communicate the solution clearly

Army writing style programmed text (CH Soussan) – see ppt
Prov 25:11; Ecc 6:11 – use short sentences and words; average sentence = 15 words (12-20); cut 30% of draft
*we got out early today!! Worked out (running)

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