11 June 2010


Today was certainly not void of any action or excitement!
0515 was the PT diagnostic. It was disappointing though that the NCO of my "line" did not count aloud my pushups or sit-ups - so it was a mental challenge for me since I didn't know how my form was or if I was doing anything right (or how many I was doing)! On a plus-note I know I got a 6:30 mile - which isn't bad for not running in a while (and in this dreadful heat)!
0815-1045 we had D&C (Drill and Ceremony) with real Drill Sergeants. Instead of push-ups on the hot cement, we were introduced to a new way of learning our mistakes - through the painful process of extending our arms out like Jesus on the cross - and clapping above our hands with them extended - about 30 times. Then LEAVING them extended, and then cherry picking with our fingers! Boy did that hurt!
Our platoon gave a marching demonstration for others to watch. Around 1100 we were free to go so I went back and took a nap!
Our instructor told us of a baseball game in the evening that we were invited to - with free food and a free ticket! So some of us decided to go get some food and enjoy some of the game. Well - we got there - saw that it was PACKED with basic training soldiers - but we got a free ticket and proceeded inside! Well - we found out that because we weren't in uniform we couldn't get any free food. That was disappointing for our group so we left early. But we found out that our car was blocked in by dozens of ARMY BUSES! We had no way of exiting the way we came in! Thank-goodness that someone was able to direct us across the lot to a gate that they unlocked so we could get out and get home! We went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries for dinner and spent a few hours there just talking about our lives and hanging out. It was a good evening overall!

- Baseball game tonight with “free food” but we didn’t get any because we weren’t in uniform (though we got a free ticket). So we didn’t stay – but we got boxed in for a while!

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