08 June 2010


Again - sorry! No time for a real "journal" but here are the notes I drafted from today:

DAY 3:
Lined up by platoon for inspection; my battle buddy is CPT Knoble.
Went back to our hotels to study until 1300 (this will probably not happen again so I enjoyed it while I could)
Met with Platoon:
- BUB = Battle Update Briefing
- **Learned “Rendezvous with Destiny”**
S1 – personnel guru – all administrative – reports to the platoon
S2 – intelligence; what’s going on in the world; weather; hotspots; sports (Lakers)
S3 – training guide; brief platoon on schedule – collect assignments
S4 – logistics; supplies (e.g. radios)
S5 – activities (social elements)
S6 – computer guy; help with Blackboard; technology
Platoon Chaplain – word of wisdom; devotions
PT Coach
Squad leaders – accountability – know where your men are
Guide-on – Plum (ROTC)

Thursday will execute official BUB format
CIMT/Phase 1 does not get AER until graduation – only counseling statement

101st: “Screaming Eagles”
**Platoon Motto: “Air Assault”**
Follow chain of command!
Bring summer PT clothes tomorrow for weigh-in!

Briefing on Pass/Leaves
Agenda tomorrow:
0700 (0645) – I and II Platoon link with SGT Rankins – SRP – bring shot records and orders
0800 – welcome key note speaker
After lunch have summer PT outfit for weigh-in
**Get Military ID Tags**

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