18 June 2010


From CH-BOLC CIMT/Phase 1

0600 - Road March for PT in our boots…I rather enjoyed it!
0830 – More first aid: Initiating a Field Medical Card (SSG Ott) – see PPT
Request Medical Evacuation (SSG Lequire – Lesson 8)
Transporting a casualty using SKED (SSG Ott)
- We learned one-man and two-man carries
- **we need to have CLS class eventually** This will give us excellent tools
CH Cannon spoke on SACRED Comm (preaching)
CH Milton gave example of SACRED

Post-modernism = “follow your heart” – since our hearts are fallen – this is a treacherous thing!
*Say what the Text says – don’t devalue what it says!*
What is the purpose, writer? Over-arching truth?
Application, outline, intro, body, conclusion
SACRED: create manuscript and turn in 48 hours before given
ACH and IBA required for Field Service

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