06 June 2010


As many of you know - I am away at Ft. Jackson for part of CH-BOLC - that is, Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course. I am here for CIMT (initial military training) and the first phase (of three) for Chaplain training. The flights were uneventful, and I was able to meet some of the Chaplains and Candidates along the way.
The weather is humid and hot, BUT, I have a nice place to come "home" to in the evenings - which is certainly a blessing. I don't have much time to "sit around" as there is plenty to study, memorize, and learn.
I will give a more thorough update soon, but I need to get back to duty now. There is a slide-show below of my room - not much to look at (actually it's pretty nice), but I am not allowed to take pictures of the base (I am posted off-base) - so there probably won't be too many pictures after this.

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