07 June 2010


I don't have time to really write a huge recap of the day, but here are the notes I took on the day:

Almost late today! We didn’t even realize it! We were technically "early" still, but almost not early enough!
Uniform briefing; more forms (finance and beneficiaries); access card
- Told I needed a haircut by the NCO (my hair grows FAST)!
Dental stuff for people staying the entire 90 days; more forms
*Statement of non-availability
- We had a 2 hour lunch b/c ahead of schedule! Commissary was closed
SSG Rivera – Uniform wear briefing
CHBOC Slides – Customs and Traditions
- Good manners; politeness
- Walk to the left side of senior officers
- terms “Attention” “At Ease” and “Carry On”
- Sergeants Major
**Know when to salute

C H Lamb – our Platoon Leader:
Agenda tomorrow (Tuesday)
0630 Uniform Inspection in the parking lot
0800-1200 – get vehicle sticker/shoes
1200-1300 lunch
1300-1400 – HHC leave/pass policy briefing
1300-1500 – SGL stuff to set up platoons
**Know “Rendezvous with Destiny” song and motto**
Fri/Sat PT assessment and TA-50 issues – bring duffel bag
*Class leadership – get list?
**Bring $21.80 tomorrow for MREs!

(Replace "Jump" with "Assault" and replace "men" with "soldiers")

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