11 June 2010


Friday has COME! But that doesn't mean it's the "weekend" just because it's Friday! Our schedule looks full for the weekend as well!
Early this morning at 0515 My platoon was issued our TA-50. This consists of wet gear (poncho, pants, jacket, waterproof duffel), a gas mask, sleeping system, assault pack, IBA (Interceptor Body Armor - HEAVY stuff). This all took a while since we had to drive to a couple different places to get all of our gear!
After this, I went to get my TB test read - I'm all in the clear! Hooah!
0700: went back to hotel to shower, eat breakfast (waffles!) and cleaned up
0815: D&C with NCOs. First time for me marching. The weather was hot, but bearable.
1100-1200: Class Worship/Preaching requirements with CH Michael Cannon
• Each of us will be giving a 20 minute field service while here
o SACRED – no prayer or song – just preaching
o Uniqueness of worship: demographics (younger – 83% of Army has H.S. level education and 68% under 30 years old), life situations (remember the Army green element), cultural/religious diversity
• **Perform or Provide**
• Types of sermons: field service, forward operating base (FOB), garrison chapel
o FOB = improvised mix of field and garrison (more “normal” service)
o Field service = 20 minute mini-church
o Look up our unit’s appropriated funds!
1200-1300: lunch (Burger King...yeah I just had a chicken sandwhich)
1300-1600: NCO classes/updates on ethics, etc.
• Hygiene reminders for everyone – change clothing, brush, deodorant, daily showers, floss, work in teams, take charge
• APFT – will not fail unless you give up mentally! P.T. is about discipline – you need to be this way to gain respect! You need good form for running well. Don’t stomp heels. Check out Fleet Feet. Face up doing push-ups
• SGT Rivera wants 8-count push-ups from now on. SGT Rankins wants mtn. climbers.
• Sunburn = article 15 and punishable by UCMJ.
• They are buying us individual hand sanitizers
• Watched video of military with prosthetics – wow! This shows that when the weather gets hot and we get discouraged, don't give up! These men and women did not and they lost limbs on the battle field.

I'm tired - sleepy time. Bright and early will be having my PT diagnostic!

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